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The Legacy

An inheritance.

A mystery.

A horror.


You've finally won the Lotto. You've bought a mansion in one of the toniest Ferkakta suburbs, a silver Porsche, and the boat of your dreams. Lucky you! But what good is a boat if one can't take it on a cruise? Unfortunately, none of your friends trust your newfound yachting skills and so it's just you and your boat and the sea.

And after a while it's just you and the sea...

And the sharks.

Welcome to Shipwrecked. Your boat has sunk and you've barely made it to land after swimming through frigid waters filled with hungry sardines and other dangerous sea creatures. Find your way around the island, escape the cannibals, gorillas, snakes, and lions, discover what really happened to Amelia Earhart, and see if your captain's skills apply to flying a plane as well so you can get out of this cursed island. That is if you can get to the plane...

Need A Little Help?

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  • "IMHO the best game today !!! I've just finished it on Nordinho." - Gorka
  • "omg that was great." - Embo
  • "A fun but hard game" - vbranam1
  • "...the maker of this game has a huge sence of humor!" - willie w
  • "Awesome game! Thnx to the maker!" - Beachfun
  • "Whoa....that was some game. Very nicely laid out." - BJRed
  • "...that was a really enjoyable game, and the puzzles were excellent!" - Helanren