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The Legacy

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The letter that changed your life out of the blue appeared in your mailbox one day, on a very respectable lawyer's letterhead. It tells you that you've inherited a very large house in a swanky neighborhood, along with a huge sum of cash, and all you have to do is say "yes". Don't you want to know more about the Legacy, and about your mysterious benefactor? And why shouldn't you be curious? After all, there's nothing to be afraid of. Right?


  • What a great game it had it all.-Clee
  • GREAT game, very logical puzzles and a great storyline.-MegaJar
  • Fantastic game.-BJRed
  • It's a Pixelatrix game-of course there's something to be afraid of!-DNOMN8R
  • loved every bit of it!!-liesje
  • Another masterpiece from Miette-Raika
  • Oh, what a great game! ... Great puzzles and no pixel hunting-HennesSyster