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Day of the Ghouls

Young people are disappearing and a town is cowering in fear. The streets are deserted, the police are befuddled, and even Pizzeria Romana won't deliver any more. And, as if alligators in the sewers weren't bad enough, now there are rumors of...ghouls?!

Who can unravel this mystery and save the people from this new horror? We need someone fearless, persistent, observant, someone who won't hesitate to confront evil and outsmart it. We need a Senior Junior Assistant Editor from the Ferkakta Times.

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The Legacy

Pixelatrix Games is excited to unveil our newest point-and-click adventure title, The Legacy. It's chock-full of puzzles with a great story that unfolds as you solve them and discover more clues and items. What's more, it's free to play!

The letter that changed your life out of the blue appeared in your mailbox one day, on a very respectable lawyer's letterhead. It tells you that you've inherited a very large house in a swanky neighborhood, along with a huge sum of cash, and all you have to do is say "yes". Don't you want to know more about the Legacy, and about your mysterious benefactor? And why shouldn't you be curious? After all, there's nothing to be afraid of. Right?

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An inheritance.

A mystery.

A horror.


  • What a great game it had it all.-Clee
  • GREAT game, very logical puzzles and a great storyline.-MegaJar
  • Fantastic game.-BJRed
  • Itâ™s a Pixelatrix gameâ¦of course thereâ™s something to be afraid of!-DNOMN8R
  • loved every bit of it!!-liesje
  • Another masterpiece from Miette-Raika
  • Oh, what a great game! ... Great puzzles and no pixel hunting-HennesSyster


You're stranded in a blizzard in a deserted road. Your car won't start, you have no shelter or warmth, you're about to lose hope and abandon yourself to the elements and wild animals, when over the hill you see...a light!

You're saved! It's a house! A real house, with lights, and food, and warmth, and possibly even a telephone! But will you find succor in the house, or are you about to sleepwalk into a slowly-unraveling nightmare?

House is one of our most popular point-and-click adventure/escape games. Unlike most escape games, you can actually escape from House any time you want. But what's to do out there except die in the freezing cold? Whereas inside you have beautiful rooms to explore, interesting clues to collect, challenging puzzles to solve, doors to unlock, inventory items to pick up, and a demon or two to confront. So really, why would you want to be anywhere else?

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  • This game was awesome. It had the great ominous touch I like in games, an intriguing plot line, and logical puzzles. One thing that frstrates me a lot in escape games is when you get stuck and surrender to the walkthroughs, upon which you go: "What??? They wanted me to do THAT?? How was I supposed to know?!" This wasn't the case with House, and as the graphics could maybe use some slight improvement, the game overall is fantastic. - Gamemastertips
  • "House has a compelling story, plenty of varied-yet-mainly-logical puzzles, and is gorgeous to boot; what more can one ask for, really?" - JayIsGames
  • "This game has me on edge." - wardrich
  • "Sweet game!" - lisannik
  • "The game is fantastic!" - cyndie43
  • "this game is scaring the hell out of me!" - Feminin
  • "That was a very good game. I figured most things out myself. Nice codes, good graphics. More please." - Jaenelle
  • "Great ending" - Embo


You've finally won the Lotto. You've bought a mansion in one of the toniest Ferkakta suburbs, a silver Porsche, and the boat of your dreams. Lucky you! But what good is a boat if one can't take it on a cruise? Unfortunately, none of your friends trust your newfound yachting skills and so it's just you and your boat and the sea.

And after a while it's just you and the sea...

And the sharks.

Welcome to Shipwrecked. Your boat has sunk and you've barely made it to land after swimming through frigid waters filled with hungry sardines and other dangerous sea creatures. Find your way around the island, escape the cannibals, gorillas, snakes, and lions, discover what really happened to Amelia Earhart, and see if your captain's skills apply to flying a plane as well so you can get out of this cursed island. That is if you can get to the plane...

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  • "IMHO the best game today !!! I've just finished it on Nordinho." - Gorka
  • "omg that was great." - Embo
  • "A fun but hard game" - vbranam1
  • "...the maker of this game has a huge sense of humor!" - willie w
  • "Awesome game! Thnx to the maker!" - Beachfun
  • "Whoa....that was some game. Very nicely laid out." - BJRed
  • "...that was a really enjoyable game, and the puzzles were excellent!" - Helanren

Ferkakta By Night

You're a lowly Ferkakta Central Services trainee, you're working the graveyard shift, you're blogging as hard as you can, yet you still can't satisfy the big boss. But a huge story is breaking: The Qumquatti jewels have been stolen and the Holy Gouda has gone missing from the Ferkakta Museum of Natural History! Are these two master criminal acts connected? How far are you prepared to go in search of the truth? All the way underground?

Other bloggers would be daunted by such a monstrous and difficult task, but you're not the average blogger. You're an intrepid blogger and if you get the scoop and uncover the truth about these dastardly deeds, who knows what's in store for you? Maybe you'll even get promoted to the dayshift.

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  • "woo-hoo! out!!" - Lori
  • "Out at last!" - Ruff
  • "i'm out !!!! the cheese is restored! this was pretty good!!" - Vivi
  • "Nice game!" - Veruca Salt
  • "Holy Gouda!!! I solved it 1st try :pats self on back:" - U25150
  • "AHA... and OUT with the rest of you.....See you in the dayshift!!!!!!" - Mickey1
  • "GREAT game, completed within an hour's time!" - Absolut Li

Codename: Ferkakta Hill

Who's disappearing the Ferkakta bloggers? Why are you in a basement with no memory of who you are? Who's the mysterious I.N.? And can you prove your worth to Cousin Sylvia and Uncle Richard from the Ferkakta Alarm Company?

Codename: Ferkakta Hill is the first production of Pixelatrix Games (when we were still in our infancy).

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  • "A very good game" - Shade
  • "Very difficult game, but great nonetheless" - michele
  • "These games are fantastic- nearly a pc/riddle cross" - Vivi
  • "for those who may not know, ferkakta is a yiddish word meaning "messed up", but the real translation is a bit more colorful. A good name for this town!" - sparky